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Gene Synthesis (1001 to 1500 bp)

Gene Synthesis (1001 to 1500 bp)


DNA synthesis is performed by overlapping oligonucleotide synthesis and assembly.

The synthesized gene is cloned into a TOPO vector or an alternate plasmid, specified and provided by the client and sequence verified.

Plasmid DNA from a miniprep containing the sequence-verified synthesized DNA in the standard cloning plasmid, or an alternate plasmid specified and provided by the client. Note: Subcloning into a non-standard vector may result in additional costs.

Material Required:

1. DNA sequence to be synthesized as-is (if no optimization performed). 2. Protein sequence to be synthesized. Any flanking DNA sequences to be included, species for codon optimization, and whether specific restriction enzyme sites should be avoided.

10 Days