Plasmid DNA Production

Endotoxin-free DNA is critical for sensitive cell culture and in vivo experiments. LakePharma produces virtually endotoxin-free plasmid DNA at multiple scales. The endotoxin levels in all delivered endotoxin-free samples are below 100 EU per milligram of DNA. Final products are verified with either restriction enzyme digest or sequence analysis.

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Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
 21602 Midiprep low endotoxin DNA production service (estimated yield of 0.2 mg) 3 days 0.2 mg scale $100
21604 Maxiprep endotoxin-free DNA production service (estimated yield of 1 mg) 3 days 1 mg scale $150
21605 Megaprep endotoxin-free DNA production service (estimated yield of 5 mg) 3 - 5 days 5 mg scale $450
21606 Gigaprep endotoxin-free DNA production service (estimated yield of 10 mg) 3 - 5 days 10 mg scale $750
Custom TeraPrep™ large-scale chromatographic DNA purification: high-purity, endotoxin-free DNA in milligram to gram* 5 - 9 days mg to gram Inquire

1. Client-provided plasmid DNA is transformed into competent cells.

2. Cells are cultured up to the desired scale.

3. Plasmid DNA is purified and processed with appropriate endotoxin removal steps.

4. Additional services for low endotoxin requirement (<10 EU/mg, <1 EU/mg), plasmid sequence verification, and/or restriction enzyme digestion are available for additional fee. 



Estimated yields based on typical production methods using LakePharma vectors. Actual yields may vary depending on the number of copies of the supplied vector. Purified plasmid DNA through the endotoxin-free process is typically less than 100 EU/mg. Please contact us for more information.

1. Either plasmid DNA (1-2 ug, > 50 ng/uL), or a plate with bacterial colonies.

2. Information on antibiotic resistance of the plasmid.

3. Information for sequence or restriction enzyme verification, if confirmation is needed.


Note: Please complete and include a sample submission form with the samples you send to LakePharma.

Disclaimer: We highly recommend working with Ampicillin/Carbenicillin or Kanamycin resistance for bacterial scale ups. Any other bacterial selection marker may require an extended timeline and/or extra charge.

Purified plasmid with Certificate of Analysis