Catalog #1049 - Biotinylation of Avi Tag

Biotinylation of Avi Tag


< 5 mg site specific in-vitro biotinylation of Avi Tag using BirA

- Standard in-vitro biotinylation labeling

- QC biotin-to-protein ratio

*Additional services required for BirA enzyme removal

  1. Biotinylation of client provided proteins targeting a client specified Biotin-to-Protein ratio
  2. Excess biotin removal using dialysis
  3. Buffer exchange into PBS; all other formulations may require an additional fee per sample
  4. Quantitation of the average number of biotins per protein
  5. Low endotoxin processing available for additional costs

1. All purified biotinylated protein 2. Study report 3. Certificate of Analysis

Material Required:
1. Purified AviTag fused protein to be biotinylated in vitro. OR 2. Gene of interest to be produced with an AviTag.

7 days