CHO Stable Pool Generation & Large Scale Production

For research use proteins, LakePharma provides a CHO-ASAP package for quick stable pool generation in CHO cells and WAVE scale productions. Custom protein purification can be designed based on the client’s needs.

For manufacturing and commercial production stable CHO cell lines, please click here.

Please contact LakePharma at for custom quotes and details.

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
Custom Purification of harvested conditioned media 1-2 weeks TBD Request
Custom Polishing or low endotoxin requirement 1-2 weeks TBD Request
Custom CHO-ASAP + 10L WAVE 6-8 weeks 10 liter Request
Custom CHO-ASAP + 20L WAVE 6-8 weeks 20 liter Request
Custom CHO-ASAP + 40L WAVE 6-8 weeks 40 liter Request
  1. Molecular construction into LakePharma’s stable expression vectors
  2. CHO stable pool generation
    • 5 vials of the final pool banked for storage at LakePharma
  3. Scale up of pool cells & large scale WAVE production
  4. Custom purification – costs not included in prices above. Requires discussion & evaluation of the protein
  1. DNA template for molecular construction
  2. Historical data on transient expression of the protein
  1. All harvested conditioned media or purified product (if purification is performed)
  2. Study report
  3. COA including CE-SDS and SE-UPLC results (if purification is performed)