CHO Transient Protein Production (TunaCHO™ Process)

For transient recombinant protein production, CHO cells are preferred since proteins will maintain similar PTM profile to stable CHO cells. TunaCHO™ Process is developed by LakePharma with MednaBio reagents and improved production process.

     - High productivity: can reach 1.5 gram per liter

     - Consistent and scalable: from 10 mL to liter scale production

     - More cost effective than other premium CHO transient production systems

View PDF file on TunaCHO for high yield transient antibody and protein production.

Please contact LakePharma at for custom quotes and details.

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
26320 0.1 liter transient production and His tag purification* ; purification: IMAC 3-4 weeks 0.1 liter $3310
26325 0.5 liter transient production and His tag purification* ; Purification: IMAC 3-4 weeks 0.5 liter $8700
Note: TunaCHO Protein Scale-Up Production Services. *all services listed do not include DNA scale-up; additional costs may apply. Additional scale-up volumes are available. Please inquire:

1.CHO cells are scaled up to 0.1 - 10 liter for TunaCHO transient transfection to produce material at the milligram to gram scale

2.The listed purification method will be used to obtain purified protein

1. Sequence of protein

2. Transfection ready DNA (inquire if DNA scale-up is needed)


1. Purified protein

2. Study Report

3. Certificate of Analysis