Viral Vector Services

The LakePharma Vector Center provides a comprehensive suite of viral vector services, including vector engineering, preclinical process development and scale-up production, and analytical development. Production systems offered include both baculovirus (AAV) and mammalian (AAV & Lentivirus). 

Available Viral Vector Systems

- Licensed partner for Oxford Expression Systems flashBAC™, Thermo Fisher Bac-to-Bac®, and BD BaculoGold™
- BIIC storage
- Suspension culture
- Rapid high titer production (2 weeks)
  - Third generation
- Four-plasmid system
- HEK293 production
  - Serotype agnostic
- Baculovirus and mammalian helper-free systems
- Adherent and suspension culture


Comprehensive Viral Vector Services

- Vector design
- Gene synthesis
- Genetic cloning
- Plasmid production
  - Baculovirus
- Mammalian
- Adherent and suspension culture
- Wave bioreactors (300 L)
  - High-pressure homogenization
- AKTA chromatography
- Affinity, IEX, SEC, etc.
- Diafiltration
- Ultracentrifugation
  - AAV vector characterizations
- Lentivirus vector characterizations
- Host Cell Protein and DNA
- Endotoxin 
- Bioburden
- Mycoplasma


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