Adeno-Associated Virus

LakePharma utilizes the baculovirus platform for production of AAV at scales ranging from 50 mL to 300 L.

     - Custom vector engineering

     - Choice of serotype

     - Iodixanol gradient purification

     - Affinity and ion exchange chromatography

     - Custom scale-up process development

     - Baculovirus and mammalian (Helper-free) production systems

     - Characterization

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Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
Custom AAV Vector Engineering 3-4 weeks TBD Request
Custom AAV Production, Baculovirus System 2-4 weeks TBD Request
Custom AAV Iodixanal Gradient Purification (upstream & downstream) TBD TBD Request
Custom AAV Process Development (upstream & downstream) 2-4 weeks TBD Request
Custom AAV Scale-up Production 1-2 days TBD Request