LakePharma has a full range of analytics capabilities for characterization of AAV and Lentivirus particles, including:

     - Genome titer analysis by Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR, Bio-Rad).

     - Capsid titer analysis by ELISA (Progen).

     - Infectious titer by TCID Assay utilizing AAV reference standards and analyzed by ddPCR.

     - Empty vs. full capsid analysis by electron microscopy.

     - Purity (PAGE)

     - Sterility, inoculation of rich broth

     - Mycoplasma (ddPCR)

     - Host cell DNA (PCR), Protein (ELISA)

     - Endotoxin, EndoSafe PTS

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Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
Custom Genome Titer, Droplet Digital PCR 1-2 days TBD Request
Custom Capsid Titer, ELISA 1-2 weeks TBD Request
Custom Infectious Titer, TCID Assay 2 weeks TBD Request
Custom Full vs. Empty Capsid 1-2 days TBD Request
Custom Sterility & Mycoplasma 2-3 days TBD Request
Custom Host Cell DNA and Protein 2-3 days TBD Request
Custom Endotoxin 1-2 days TBD Request