Lentivirus Production and CAR T-Cell Line Engineering

LakePharma offers end-to-end lentivirus production services from vector engineering to analytics using HEKT293T adherent and suspension cultures. Three service packages are available: 

• Standard Prep produces 1 mL at ~108 TU/mL titer in 1 week
• High Titer Prep produces 1mL at ~109 TU/mL titer in 2 weeks
• Ultra Titer Prep produces 10 mL at 109 TU/mL titer in 3 weeks


LakePharma's Custom Lentivirus Production Services

Lentivirus vector engineering including vector design, gene synthesis, genetic cloning, and plasmid production Upstream lentivirus production, including adherent and suspension culture Downstream lentivirus production includuing homogenization, chromatography Virus analytics including infectious titer, purity, and full:empty capsid.



LakePharma's CAR T-Cell Engineering Services

In addition to lentivirus production, LakePharma also offers downstream CAR-T cell engineering services.

Lentivirus production for CAR T-Cell Engineering T cells are transduced with lentivirus encoding CAR in CAR T-cell line engineering T cells are characterized for T cell markers and CAR T cell delivery: CAR T cells are expanded, cryopreserved, and delivered


Key Features


Lentivirus integrated services from molecular construction to GMP manufacturing  

End-to-End Integrated Services from Molecular Construction to GMP Manufacturing
•  Custom lentiviral vector engineering and construction
•  Lentivirus prep at different volume and titer
•  Various analytics available including 
•  Downstream GMP manufacturing of plasmids is available 

Rapid, high titer lentivirus prep and characterization  

Rapid, High-Titer Lentivirus Prep and Characterization
•  Lentivirus with ~108 to 109 TU/mL titer can be generated in 1-3 weeks
•  A wide range of characterization panel including capsid titer is available



Lentivirus Production Resources


Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
Custom Lentivirus Vector Engineering 3-4 weeks TBD Inquire
Custom Lentivirus Standard Prep 1 week 1 mL at 10E8 TU/mL Inquire
Custom Lentivirus High Titer Prep 2 weeks 1 mL at 10E9 TU/mL Inquire
Custom Lentivirus Ultra Titer Prep 3 weeks 10 mL at 10E9 TU/mL Inquire
Custom CAR-T Cell Engineering Service Request TBD Request

LakePharma offers lentiviral vector construction, lentivirus prep, and downstream GMP manufacturing.

- Appropriate plasmids in which the client can provide or LakePharma can generate one

Depending on the package, the following volume and titer will be delivered:

Lentivirus Prep Package Volume Titer
Standard Prep 1 mL 108 TU/mL
High Titer Prep 1 mL 109 TU/mL
Ultra Titer Prep 10 mL 109 TU/mL