Lentivirus Production and CAR T-Cell Line Engineering

LakePharma offers end-to-end lentivirus production services from vector engineering to analytics using HEKT293T adherent and suspension cultures. Three service packages are available: 

• Standard Prep produces 1 mL at ~108 TU/mL titer in 1 week
• High Titer Prep produces 1mL at ~109 TU/mL titer in 2 weeks
• Ultra Titer Prep produces 10 mL at 109 TU/mL titer in 3 weeks


LakePharma's Custom Lentivirus Production Services



LakePharma's CAR T-Cell Engineering Services

In addition to lentivirus production, LakePharma also offers downstream CAR-T cell engineering services.


Key Features



End-to-End Integrated Services from Molecular Construction to GMP Manufacturing
•  Custom lentiviral vector engineering and construction
•  Lentivirus prep at different volume and titer
•  Various analytics available including 
•  Downstream GMP manufacturing of plasmids is available 


Rapid, High-Titer Lentivirus Prep and Characterization
•  Lentivirus with ~108 to 109 TU/mL titer can be generated in 1-3 weeks
•  A wide range of analytics panel is available including capsid titer, etc.



Lentivirus Production Resources


Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
Custom Lentivirus Vector Engineering 3-4 weeks TBD Inquire
Custom Lentivirus Standard Prep 1 week 1 mL at 10E8 TU/mL Inquire
Custom Lentivirus High Titer Prep 2 weeks 1 mL at 10E9 TU/mL Inquire
Custom Lentivirus Ultra Titer Prep 3 weeks 10 mL at 10E9 TU/mL Inquire
Custom CAR-T Cell Engineering Service Request TBD Request

LakePharma offers lentiviral vector construction, lentivirus prep, and downstream GMP manufacturing.

- Appropriate plasmids in which the client can provide or LakePharma can generate one

Depending on the package, the following volume and titer will be delivered:

Lentivirus Prep Package Volume Titer
Standard Prep 1 mL 108 TU/mL
High Titer Prep 1 mL 109 TU/mL
Ultra Titer Prep 10 mL 109 TU/mL