Viral Vectors & Cell Engineering

The LakePharma Vector Technology group offers a comprehensive suite of viral vector and cell engineering services, which cover vector engineering, process development, scale-up production, and analytical development. Viral vector platforms include Baculovirus, AAV, and Lentivirus. The cell engineering team performs stable cell line development and clone isolation for production of recombinant proteins utilizing viral transduction and transfection methodologies.  The team has experience with a large variety of cell types, including CAR-T, and a host of other cell lines derived from various tissues.  

Available Viral Vector Systems

- Licensed partner for Oxford Expression Systems flashBAC™, Thermo Fisher Bac-to-Bac®, and Bac-2-the-Future.
- BIIC storage
- Suspension culture
- Rapid high titer production (2 weeks)
 - Third generation
- Four-plasmid system
- HEK293 production
 - Baculovirus and mammalian helper-free systems
- Adherent and suspension culture

 Comprehensive Viral Vector Services

- Vector design
- Gene synthesis
- Molecular cloning
- Plasmid production
 - Baculovirus
- Mammalian
- Adherent and suspension culture
- Wave bioreactors (300 L)
 - Chromatography:
   Affinity, IEX, SEC, etc.
- Diafiltration
- Ultracentrifugation
 - AAV vector characterization
- Lentivirus vector characterization
- Host Cell Protein and DNA
- Endotoxin 
- Bioburden
- Mycoplasma