Hybridoma Technology

LakePharma's in vivo Discovery Immunology team offers high-performance hybridoma-based technologies to help clients discover great antibodies that make a difference.                

Discovery Immunology mAbs can seamlessly transition to downstream GXP production, enabling one-stop shopping from discovery to development. 

A variety of proprietary immunization protocols (DNA, protein, peptide, small molecule, and cell-based) are available with demonstrated success in multiple wild-type murine strains and fully-human antibody-producing transgenic mice, with advanced tolerance-breaking approaches when needed (including use of specialized target-deficient mice).

ELISA- and FACS-based high-throughput screening and off-rate analyses of hybridomas indicate the specificity, cross-reactivity, and functionality of candidate antibodies as early as two months from campaign initiation.

Diverse therapeutic and clinical diagnostic/imaging candidates against immuno-oncology targets, GPCRs, neurobiology targets, enzymes, autoimmune/inflammatory targets, metabolic targets, and small molecules.

The workflow of Hybridoma Discovery Immunology

Complete campaigns incorporate LakePharma's unique suite of integrated services including:

• Target analysis and immunogen production
• Immunization, hybridoma generation, and single-cell cloning
• Variable region sequencing and purified mAb production/characterization 

Key Highlights

Chain of Discovery™
• Rigorous upfront target analysis and goal-oriented proposal development
• Data updates provide tracking from target to mAb delivery
• Delivery of sequence-confirmed hybridomas with variable region sequences

• Multiple wild-type mouse or rat strains 
• DNA, peptide, protein, and cell-based immunizations
• Often take multiple immunization approaches against a single target to generate a large diverse repertoire of candidate antibodies.

LakePharma's advanced tolerance-breaking approaches can open epitopic space for targets that are highly conserved between human and mouse. They can also increase opportunities for discovering cross-reactive antibodies or for generating surrogate anti-mouse target antibodies.

• Analysis of heavy and light chain V- and J- gene usage and of CDR3 sequence
• 384-well high-throughput ELISA or FACS screening of thousands of hybridomas for target binding
• Incorporation of cell-based ligand blocking assays
• ELISA, BLI, Carterra Arrayed SPR epitope binning and affinity determination

Proprietary PentaMice™ Platform for Maximum Plasma Titers 
• Royalty-free set of wildtype mice designed for in vivo immunizations to achieve maximum plasma titers 
• The platform consists of 5 WT strains that cover 9 distinct MHC haplotypes
• 10 mice total (2 mice per strain) are included 

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