Antibody Discovery & Engineering

LakePharma offers multiple technology platforms to discover novel monoclonal antibodies: 

    1. Hybridoma technology: comprehensive, customized hybridoma campaigns for therapeutic antibody discovery

    2. Naïve, synthetic, immune phage, or immune yeast libraries:  multiple licensed phage libraries (XOMA, Twist, etc.) as well as immunization protocols with in-line library construction for therapeutic or diagnostic antibody discovery

Lakepharma provides unparalleled antibody engineering services: 

    1.  Stand-alone or combined (HuMAT) humanization and affinity maturation workflows of potential antibody candidates via phage or yeast display of light chain-shuffled or CDR-mutagenic libraries  

    2. Full kinetic characterization and epitope binning using state-of-the-art array SPR Carterra LSA and Octet BLI platforms 

Client Testimonial: Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute and LakePharma: A Partnership in Antibody Discovery to Enable Innovative Therapeutics

Download Infographic: Unique VHH Antibodies from Diverse Yeast & Phage Display Llama Immune Libraries

Download a free eBook: Introduction to Hybridoma Technologies for Antibody Discovery

PentaMice™: A Unique Approach to Achieve Maximum Plasma Titers for Antibody Discovery webinar recording available NOW!

Discovery of Potent, Functional Anti-BTLA, and Anti-TIGIT Monoclonal Antibodies using Hybridoma and Phage Display Platform webinar recording available NOW!

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"LakePharma is nothing short of a true partner with Apollos Diagnostics. We will continue to work with LakePharma as a partner for all of our future antibody development campaigns."

- John Alderete, Ph.D., MBA; Founder and President of Folium Biomed, LLC
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"LakePharma is a great partner to work with. Their expertise enables them to generate large panels of antibodies that can be used as the foundation for our therapeutic candidates"

Ronald Herbst, Ph.D., CSO, Pyxis Oncology

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"LakePharma was a great partner; very helpful, focused, and committed. Thank you for your antibody engineering and production services which made this project a success."

- Maria Day, ImmuNext

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