Antibody Discovery & Engineering

LakePharma offers multiple technology platforms to discover novel monoclonal antibodies: 

    1. Hybridoma technology: comprehensive, customized hybridoma campaigns for therapeutic antibody discovery

    2. Naïve, synthetic, immune phage, or immune yeast libraries:  multiple licensed phage libraries (XOMA, Twist, etc.) as well as immunization protocols with in-line library construction for therapeutic or diagnostic antibody discovery

Lakepharma provides unparalleled antibody engineering services: 

1.   Stand-alone or combined (HuMAT) humanization and affinity maturation workflows of potential antibody candidates via phage or yeast display of light chain-shuffled or CDR-mutagenic libraries  

2.   Full kinetic characterization and epitope binning using state-of-the-art array SPR Carterra LSA and Octet BLI platforms