LakePharma DPM is an enterprise software system that runs essentially all workflows in LakePharma. It is customized specifically for LakePharma using RENKOM Enterprise version as the base platform. DPM allows various teams to collaborate on projects and share results in real time. All data and logs are electronically registered. The system has been validated for 21CFR part 11 compliance. 

DPM utilizes RENKOM's ZEN artificial intelligence and automation module, and has implemented a range of automation tools. 

Data security is highly important for us. DPM has a variety of security features. See the White paper of DPM security. Contact LakePharma Customer Support team if you have questions about DPM security and other features. 

DPM is also available for you by the current active clients of LakePharma. Clients can log on the system to view past and current projects, create new projects and interact with project managers and technical teams. Results can be shared completely on DPM, without the need to email data files. 

Clients who have not used DPM but want to gain access to DPM, please speak to the Account Manager or contact LakePharma Customer Support team by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen. 

Click here to access DPM (log in required).