TunaCHO is a proprietary technology platform for CHO transient protein production. It uses suspension-adapted CHO cells (CHO-K1 parental cell line) and the process is animal-product free. It was developed by LakePharma and partners. 

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CHO cells originated from the same cell line used in CHO-GSN. Together these two CHO platforms offer transient and stable production.

TunaCHO can be applied at various scales, ranging from 10 mL shake tubes to 10 L WAVEs. It has shown production titers greater than 2 grams per liter in shake flasks. Importantly, production titers are consistent at different scales. 

Since its launch in 2017, TunaCHO™ has been used to produce over 20,000 transient productions and has become a favorite mammalian production system.

Transient recombinant antibody production in the TunaCHO™ platform. The average yield is 4.2 mg/10mL culture.

Comparison of Key Performance Features

FeaturesHybridomaTransient TunaCHO™
Expression level
10–50 mg/L
100–500 mg/L
Scale to reach 1 gram quantity
20-100 L2–10 L
Timeline4-6 months*3-4 months**
Batch-to-batch ConsistencyLowHigh
Security of long-term supply
Pathway to GMP production
DifficultStraight forward
Sequence verification
Not always, lack of protectionYes, early patent protection

*Hybridoma timeline estimates include cell line recovery, cell culture optimization, pilot production, and large-scale production.

**Transient recombinant TunaCHO timeline estimates include hybridoma sequencing, gene synthesis, and cloning, pilot production, and large-scale production

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