LakePharma Videos

#120: What is QMOS?

Added on 2021-06-16

Introduced in the fall of 2020, LakePharma's Quality Manufacturing Operating System has data and processes all connected in the cloud, efficiently structured and easily used.

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#119: Data Visualization: Work in Progress at LakePharma

Added on 2021-05-28

Highlights from company meeting detailing LakePharma's automated data analysis and visualization capabilities for internal and external use.

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#118‚Äč: RENKOM Gantt: Brief Tutorial for LakePharma Clients

Added on 2021-05-10

LakePharma clients may now utilize the RENKOM Gantt tool to view and edit Gantt charts

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#117: RENKOM Gantt: Now Available to LakePharma Clients

Added on 2021-05-05

RENKOM Gantt is a cloud and browser-based Gantt chart tool for enterprise use.

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#116: Introduction to LakePharma's Client Secure Portal (CSP)

Added on 2021-03-29

LakePharma's Client Secure Portal (CSP) is a secure cloud-based system for streamlined project management and communication that offers transparency and clarity for clients from start to finish.

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