LakePharma and NJ Bio Form Strategic Alliance to Provide Streamlined Antibody-Drug Conjugate Services

Added on 2020-02-11

LakePharma will manufacture and provide antibodies as starting materials for ADC development carried out by NJ Bio in a single, seamless workflow for clients, making therapeutic ADC manufacturing from initial antibody discovery to the production of the drug conjugates significantly more efficient both in time and expense.

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LakePharma Announces Its 2019 Symposium Agenda

Added on 2019-07-30

A series of distinguished speakers are scheduled to present the latest developments in next-generation therapeutics.

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LakePharma Announces Expansion into the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Added on 2019-07-23

 LakePharma has opened a new office in Dallas, Texas. The new location allows LakePharma to better align its services with clients’ demands in the rapidly growing biologics industry.

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Twist Bioscience and LakePharma Form Strategic Collaboration to Provide Antibody Discovery and Development Services

Added on 2019-04-04

LakePharma will have the ability to offer Twist’s proprietary antibody discovery and optimization platforms while customers of Twist will have access to LakePharma’s integrated discovery and development services.

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LakePharma Launches GMP Manufacturing of Recombinant Proteins and Antibodies in the Bay Area

Added on 2019-04-02

The Hayward, California facility offers GMP transient productions using the TunaCHO platform.

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LakePharma Announces Dedicated Vector Center to Support Gene and Cell Therapy

Added on 2019-02-26

With the Vector Center operational, the company now provides fully integrated solutions from viral vector design to process development and scale-up production

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LakePharma Announces its GMP Biorepository Facility near Boston is Now Operational, Plans Additional Hiring

Added on 2019-01-15

The new biorepository facility is dedicated to storing drug developers' biological materials in various temperature conditions. 

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LakePharma announces its cGMP microBiomanufacturing Center is now operational

Added on 2018-12-18

The Hopkinton, MA site can now manufacture GMP-grade plasmid DNA

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LakePharma Expands Antibody Center Into New 40,000 sq. ft. San Carlos Building

Added on 2018-08-14

The New Facility Enables Consolidated Offering for Antibody Discovery and Engineering Service

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LakePharma Announces “New Frontiers in Biologics” as The Theme for Its Annual Protein Engineering Symposium in 2018

Added on 2018-08-14

The Bay Area Annual Event Will Be Held on October 5th at the South San Francisco Conference Center

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LakePharma and Harbour Antibodies Announce Partnership for H2L2 Transgenic Mouse Platform for Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

Added on 2018-06-05

Agreement Provides for Easy Access to H2L2 Platform Use with LakePharma's Discovery and Development Services

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LakePharma Expands Service Capability with Purchase of Carterra™ High Throughput Antibody Characterization LSA™ Instrumentation

Added on 2018-04-26

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LakePharma Appoints David Boyle to Chief Financial Officer

Added on 2018-03-26

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LakePharma Announces Expansion and New MicroBiomanufacturing Center in Hopkinton, MA

Added on 2018-02-12

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LakePharma Raises Growth Capital from Summit Partners and Ampersand Capital Partners

Added on 2017-12-12

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LakePharma Announces Antibody Collaboration & License Agreement with XOMA

Added on 2017-10-04

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LakePharma Announces Final Meeting Agenda for 2017 Protein Engineering Symposium

Added on 2017-09-21

The Bay Area Annual Event Will Be Held on October 6th at the South San Francisco Conference Center

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LakePharma Expands into New Facility in South San Francisco, California

Added on 2017-09-12

The Cove at Oyster Point Blvd. Site Enables Closer Client Interaction and Support

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LakePharma Announces Hajime Tada as General Counsel

Added on 2017-06-22

LakePharma, the leading biologics company specializing in antibody and protein engineering, cell line development, and protein production, announced today the appointment of Hajime Tada, J.D. to the General Counsel position.  

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LakePharma and Distributed Bio Announce Strategic Technology Agreement

Added on 2017-05-30

LakePharma, the leading US-based biologics company offering integrated solutions for biologics discovery, development and manufacturing, and Distributed Bio, Inc., a privately biotech company developing computational and discovery platforms for antibody discovery and engineering, today announced a technology partnership providing LakePharma the right to apply Distributed Bio SuperHuman Library in its antibody discovery service to clients in pharma and therapeutic biotech companies.

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LakePharma Initiates Key Technology Resource Networks

Added on 2017-05-01

LakePharma, the leading US-based biologics CRO, announced today the formation of two key technology resource networks.

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Keep Calm and Research On - LakePharma announces events at PEGS Boston

Added on 2017-04-01

Upcoming events- PEGS Boston.  

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Delinia Delivers An Exciting Autoimmune Therapy To Celgene

Added on 2017-02-16

Delinia Delivers An Exciting Autoimmune Therapy To Celgene. LakePharma is proud to be a preferred CRO of Delinia and its success. Please click here for more information. 

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Wall and Main: LakePharma offers hope for Worcester's growth

Added on 2017-02-16

Wall and Main: LakePharma offers hope for Worcester's growth. Please click here for more information. 

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LakePharma Appoints Dr. Aaron Sato as Chief Scientific Officer to Lead Its Antibody Center

Added on 2017-02-06

LakePharma, the leading US-based biologics CRO, announced today the appointment of Aaron Sato, Ph.D. to the newly created Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) position.

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LakePharma Among The Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Bay Area

Added on 2016-10-14

With 298% three-year growth, LakePharma ranked #19 among The Fast 100.

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LakePharma’s 4th Protein Engineering Symposium Draws Record Attendance

Added on 2016-10-12

The symposium brought together the Bay Area biotech community to discuss latest development in antibody therapeutics.

South San Francisco, CA – October 11, 2016

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LakePharma Ranks No.930 on the 2016 Inc. 5000

Added on 2016-08-18

For the 2nd Time, LakePharma Appears on the 2016 Inc. 5000 list.

Ranking No.930 with Three-Year Sales Growth of 425%. 

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LakePharma Launches New Website and E-Service Catalog

Added on 2016-07-26

San Carlos, CA, July 26th, 2016. LakePharma Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its fully-featured website LakePharma is inviting visitors to explore its new website and E-Service Catalog. 

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LakePharma to present at Cell Line Development & Engineering Summit

Added on 2016-06-22

LakePharma’s CEO, Dr. Hua Tu, will present at IBC's Cell Line Development & Engineering Summit on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 in San Francisco.

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LakePharma announces strategic technology partnership with Trianni

Added on 2016-05-09

LakePharma announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnering alliance with Trianni, Inc., a private biotech company developing novel antibody discovery platforms. The agreement grants LakePharma the right to utilize the Trianni Mouse Platform for antibody discovery services.

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LakePharma to present and showcase antibody discovery and protein engineering at PEGS Boston 2016

Added on 2016-04-22

LakePharma's CEO Hua Tu will present at PEGS Boston on Tuesday, April 26, 2016.

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LakePharma acquires Blue Sky BioServices

Added on 2016-03-22

LakePharma announced today that it has acquired Blue Sky BioServices

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The 2015 Protein Engineering Symposium wraps up

Added on 2015-10-12

On October 2nd, LakePharma hosted its annual Protein Engineering Symposium at the South San Francisco Conference Center. 

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LakePharma launches its CHO GSN platform for CHO stable cell line development

Added on 2015-09-16

LakePharma announced the availability of a new parental cell line produced through a joint effort with Horizon Discovery Group plc (LSE: HZD).

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LakePharma selected as an Inc. 5000 company

Added on 2015-08-12

The list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States was released by Inc. magazine this week and LakePharma was ranked at #883 with 507% growth over the past three years. 

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LakePharma announces expanded GE Wave bioreactor capacity

Added on 2015-03-13

LakePharma recently tripled its WAVE Bioreactor capacity, firmly cementing its place as one of the largest WAVE production facilities in the Bay Area.

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Record attendance at the 2014 Antibody Engineering Symposium

Added on 2014-10-09

LakePharma hosted its second annual Antibody Engineering Symposium at the South San Francisco Conference Center on October 9-10, 2014. 

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LakePharma cited in 2014 publication of Protein Expression and Purification

Added on 2013-11-08

LakePharma was recently credited for its role with affinity measurements of the soluble production of biologically active single-chain antibodies against murine PD-L1 in Escherichia coli (E. coli).

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LakePharma hosts Antibody Engineering Symposium - leading Bay Area scientists attend

Added on 2013-10-07

LakePharma hosted an Antibody Engineering Symposium for 150 attendees at the South San Francisco Embassy Suites on Friday, October 4, 2013.

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LakePharma develops tool for, publishes article on monoclonal antibody humanness score

Added on 2013-07-05

LakePharma published an article in the journal BMC Biotechnology entitled "Monoclonal antibody humanness score and its applications."

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LakePharma to host conference in SSF

Added on 2013-07-01

LakePharma announced that it is organizing a symposium to bring together individuals and organizations in the Bay Area biotech community to discuss the latest developments in antibody discovery and protein engineering. 

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LakePharma Co-hosts Webinar

Added on 2013-06-18

LakePharma presented “Large Scale, CHO Transient Transfection and Rapid Generation of Stable Clones: >1 Gram/Liter Antibody Titers Within 2 Weeks and High Yield Stable Clones in Under 8 Weeks” during a Maxcyte Webinar on Wednesday, June 19, 2013, from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT.

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LakePharma expands its analytical services

Added on 2012-10-01

LakePharma is now offering comprehensive protein analysis and characterization services.

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LakePharma collaborates on key study published in Nature

Added on 2012-01-15

LakePharma collaborated with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientists on an article recently published in Nature: "A PGC1-α-dependent myokine that drives brown-fat-like development of white fat and thermogenesis." 

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