LakePharma Co-hosts Webinar

Added On: 2013-06-18

LakePharma presented “Large Scale, CHO Transient Transfection and Rapid Generation of Stable Clones: >1 Gram/Liter Antibody Titers Within 2 Weeks and High Yield Stable Clones in Under 8 Weeks” during a Maxcyte Webinar on Wednesday, June 19, 2013, from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT.

“The MaxCyte STX has dramatically improved our antibody production capabilities by seven times over our previous transfection methods,” said Dr. Tu, CEO of LakePharma, Inc. “As a provider of recombinant protein services, this has had a significant impact at LakePharma. I look forward to sharing how MaxCyte’s technology has enhanced our protein production capabilities.”

In addition to Dr. Tu’s presentation, Dr. Peer Heine, Applications Scientist at MaxCyte, discussed the optimization of MaxCyte electroporation and post transfection culture conditions enabling antibody titers >1gram/liter and the use of MaxCyte transfection for the rapid production of stable cell lines. Dr. Heine shared data demonstrating the reproducibility, scalability, and general protein production capabilities of the MaxCyte Transfection Systems.

“MaxCyte’s platform has led to the breakthrough ability to produce gram scale quantities of antibodies in CHO cells using transient transfection, and can also be used to rapidly produce recombinant proteins in other relevant cell types such as HEK, NS0, Vero, CAP-T™ and insect cells,” says Dr. Karen Donato, EVP of Global Business Development and Marketing at MaxCyte. “We are delighted that Dr. Tu is participating in this webinar to present real-world data and the positive impact of MaxCyte’s technology at LakePharma.”

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