LakePharma Antibody Technology Network

LakePharma Antibody Technology Network (LATN) is an alliance of academic institutions and companies that provide technology access to LakePharma clients. LakePharma will pre-negotiate competitive terms with each of the technology providers and pass those savings onto our clients. Antibody technologies will include access to the following, but not limited to:

  • Antibody discovery platforms (in vivo and in vitro)
  • Novel bispecific constructs
  • Antibody drug conjugation (ADC) technologies
  • Antibody humanization technologies
  • Half-life extension technologies
  • Technologies to reduce antibody immunogenicity
  • Antibody stabilization technologies

The network builds upon LakePharma’s internal expertise in antibody discovery, bispecific design, humanization, expression, purification, analytics, and functional assays. Once therapeutics are discovered leveraging the LATN, our clients can use LakePharma’s drug development capabilities to move their programs to the clinic.

LakePharma Antibody Technology Network members include some of the top academic and technology companies in US, and collectively provide a breadth of antibody technologies to LakePharma clients. Serving as the anchor of the network, LakePharma provides a comprehensive suite of end-to-end services to support research, process development, preclinical studies, and Phase I clinical trials.

Jordon Wang, Ph.D.
Vice President, Antibody Discovery
Office: 650-288-4891 Ext. 124