LakePharma Microbial Fermentation Network

LakePharma Microbial Fermentation Network (LMFN) is an alliance of US-based institutions that provide microbial fermentation, downstream processing and testing to LakePharma clients. Expression hosts include Escherichia coli, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and Pichia pastoris, which can be cultured from flask scale to 1000L bioreactors.

The network builds upon LakePharma’s internal microbial fermentation and bioprocessing capabilities, and leverages LakePharma’s expertise in commercial operations, along with marketplace and regulatory compliance expertise. LMFN members include some of the top bioprocessing core labs in the US, and collectively possess enormous capacity, ranging from parallel batch process of hundreds of 3L shake flasks to 1000L bioreactors. In addition, sophisticated downstream processing, formulation, fill/finish, and release testing services, including GMP, are also offered.

Serving as the anchor of the network, LakePharma provides a comprehensive suite of end-to-end protein engineering and production services to support research, process development, preclinical studies, and Phase I clinical trials.

For more information, contact:
Norman Garceau, Ph.D.
Vice President of Technology at LakePharma
Office: 508-798-2930 Ext. 202