LakePharma can generate a scFv phage library from immunized or naive donors from several species. Additionally, various mutagenesis strategies can be used to design libraries for affinity maturation of a given antibody or other optimization purposes. 

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Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
24130 ScFv Phage Library Construction TBD TBD Request

1. Library design: LakePharma scientists will design appropriate primers to PCR amplify VH and VL regions, and link them to generate scFv, followed by cloning the library into a LakePharma engineered phagemid vector.

2. Alternatively, if affinity maturation or other optimization of a specific scFv is desired, LakePharma scientists can use a variety of mutagenesis strategies to generate a library of mutants of a specific antibody.

3. The phage library is generated with a goal of up to 1010 clones and quality controlled by sequencing 96 clones at random.

1. B cells from donor of choice (>106)

2. Sequence of antibody for optimization

Quality-controlled phage library