Mammalian cGMP Manufacturing

LakePharma offers comprehensive mammalian GMP manufacturing services for the production of analyte-specific reagents (ASR) and therapeutic proteins. LakePharma's GMP suites employ validated equipment and single-use materials. Additionally, Quality personnel review processes, procedures and batch records.


Mammalian cGMP Manufacturing Capabilities


Integrated Solutions for Analyte-Specific Reagents (ASR) 
- ASR antibody discovery utilizing phage or hybridoma approaches
- Transient protein production utilizing TunaCHO™ platform
- Cell line development and GMP manufacturing utilizing CHO-GSN™ platform

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Integrated Solutions for Therapeutic Proteins
- Molecular construction including gene synthesis and molecular cloning
- Transient protein production utilizing TunaCHO platform
- Cell line development and GMP manufacturing utilizing CHO-GSN platform

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Mammalian GMP Manufacturing Resources

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