Cell Lines for Protein Production

LakePharma provides a CHO stable cell line development service using its glutamine synthetase (GS) selection technology platform. The CHO-K1-GSN parental cell line used for this cell line service is originally derived from CHO-K1, and the endogenous GS gene(s) have been knocked out by recombinant technology. These suspension-adapted cells can grow to a high cell density in chemically-defined media without serum or other animal-derived products. LakePharma’s proprietary stable expression DNA vectors have been designed and optimized for GS selection and CHO expression. This CHO cell line development platform consistently produces CHO stable cell lines that express higher and more stable expression of recombinant proteins. In general, the target protein expression level is greater than 1 gram per liter, and as high as 4 grams per liter in shake flasks under fed batch conditions.

As a service, LakePharma provides cell line(s) to clients as a Research Cell Bank (RCB). A Study Report will accompany the cell line and includes information regarding DNA vector, expression constructs, transfection method, clonal selection, production run, and purification data. Additional protein analytical measurements can be performed.

Commercial licenses to use these cell lines are available for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, vaccine production, veterinary, human diagnostic, and other companies interested in using cell lines for produce proteins production. Licenses are priced competitively, and include access to a complete documentation package with detailed lineage information, as well as testing data. The documentation packages support regulatory submissions for IND and New Drug Applications filings.

Please contact LakePharma at inquiries@lakepharma.com for custom quotes and details.

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
Custom Customized cell lines for biomanufacturing TBD TBD Request

Please contact inquiries@lakepharma.com for more information. 

1. Recombinant antibodies that have been made and tested in small scale for production

2. DNA for molecular construction into stable expression vectors

3. Specifications including final protein concentration, purity, endotoxin level, storage buffer, and vial size

1. Banked cell vial(s)
2. Study report
3. Any purified protein