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APC/PE labeling of 5-20 mg protein or antibodies


APC/PE labeling of  5-20 mg protein or antibodies

- [Amount of protein] of [Protein name] will be used for labeling

- [APC/PE] will be used for labeling

- Target Fluorophore-to-Protein ratio (F/P) of  [Desired F/P ratio]

- Standard APC/PE labeling service, [including excess APC/PE removal services] (additional costs may apply)

- QC F/P ratio using spectrophotometry

- Endotoxin requirement: [State the endotoxin requirement]


  1. APC/PE conjugation of client provided proteins targeting a client specified Fluorophore-to-Protein ratio
  2. Excess APC/PE removal services are available at additional costs
  3. Buffer exchange into PBS; all other formulations may require an additional fee per sample
  4. Quantitation of the average number of APC/PE molecules per protein
  5. Low endotoxin processing available for additional cost


1. All HRP conjugated proteins

2. Buffer formulation: PBS; all other formulations may require an additional fee per sample

3. Protein concentration: Client specified/ N/A

4. Endotoxin levels: < 1 EU/mg if low endotoxin service is requested

5. COA includes: Final protein concentration, average number of HRP’s per protein ratio, final buffer composition, endotoxin levels.

6. Standard aliquoting (up to 5 vials of equal volume, with the remainder in glass vials); Custom aliquoting available for additional costs.

7. Protein shipping temperature: -80°C.

Material Required:

- Purified proteins and antibodies.

- Activated PE/APC * **

* A $300 ordering fee will be applied if LakePharma places the order for the reagents

** LakePharma offers activated APC/PE at reduced costs, please inquire

2 Weeks