In Vitro Glycoengineering (IVGE)

Glycosylation can significantly influence protein stability, biological activity, and pharmacokinetics of the final products. One way to manipulate glycosylation is through IVGE

LakePharma is teaming up with Roche CustomBiotech to offer custom IVGE service designed to improve therapeutic protein production. With a two-step reaction of galactosylation followed by sialyation, glycoforms can be enriched with known kinetics and predictable outcomes.

Pre- and post- in vitro glycoengineering data showing enrichment of certain glycoforms


LakePharma's In Vitro Glycoengineering Services

LakePharma's in vitro glycoengineering service workflow



Key Features

Rapid IVGE process with high protein recovery

  IVGE reactions can be completed in 2-3 days, with projects and data completed within 1-2 weeks

•  Minimal protein loss

Robust and consistent glycan conversion through IVGE

•  Lot-to-lot consistency for glycan conversion and protein recovery

•  Improved glycosylation and increased stability of therapeutic proteins observed after IVGE

Extensive expertise in glycoanalysis and other bioanalytical capabilities

•  In addition to glycan profiling and other glycan evaluations, additional bioanalytical analysis can also be bundled 

Dedicated analytical tools and equipment for evaluation of IVGE success and data verification

•  SE-UPLC via Waters® ACQUITY UPLC®

•  cIEF via ProteinSimple®  iCE3™

•  Post-translational modification analysis via mass spec (Xevo® G2-XS, Waters)

Catalog # Name Timeline Price
2001 In vitro galactosylation and sialylation pilot analysis: 1.5 weeks Request
2002 In vitro galactosylation and sialylation optimization analysis: 3 weeks Request
2003 In Vitro Glycoengineering Scale Up Request