Catalog #2001

In vitro galactosylation and sialylation pilot analysis:


In vitro galactosylation and sialylation pilot analysis:

- Two steps of reaction

  • GalT1, 1:200, ST6, 1:50 (4.5 mg)

- Samples for proA purification after the reaction followed by analytical testing 

- Mass spec, CE-SDS, cIEF, and SE-UPLC on sialylated material and T0 sample


  1. Original sample will be aliquoted for glycan profiling and characterization assays.
  2. The sample will undergo two steps of the reaction, galactosylation, and sialylation.
  3. Protein-to-enzyme ratios are determined within the "IVGE Process Optimization" step.
  4. Samples will be polished using an appropriate purification method.
  5. Samples after reaction will undergo glycan profiling and characterization assays for comparison.

- Glycan Profiles
- Aggregation analysis report
- Purity analysis report
- Charge Variant Analysis report

Material Required:
- 5 mg of purified protein at ≥ 2 mg/mL
- Sequence of target protein
- Theoretical pI value
- Purification method/tag on protein of interest

1.5 weeks